La bouteille blanche
Customer Bernard Magrez, La folie douce


La Bouteille Blanche

In collaboration with Bernard Magrez, La Folie Douce organizes the first mountain wine waiters contest, bringing together the most prestigious restaurants and wine bars from european ski resorts and mountain cities.

Bernard Magrez

Bernard Magrez, also known as "The Man with 40 Castles", is an oenology businessman from Bordeaux, self-educated and founder of the "Bernard Magrez Group", he is an important owner of large international vineyards.

La Folie Douce

On top of the ski area of the Espace Killy, at 7874 ft above sea level, La Folie Douce / La Fruitière is a unique concept of mountain restaurants.


In order to boost the event's image, the entire website has been redesigned.

The website's goal is to introduce contest La Bouteille Blanche, follow it's actuality and gather the entrants subscriptions. A voting system is also available, which will allow to determine the winner.

The website has also a responsive design to make it more accessible and viewable on any type of screen.


Implementation of custom design and interface as well as online management tool.
Responsive design
The website enjoys a responsive solution to adapt to all surfaces of screens.